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600th Anniversary 1412-1431 Patroness of Soldiers of France
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1581-1644 Portrait of a Maltese Knight - website dedicated to the history of Maltese Noble families and Nobility in Malta and Gozo.


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Maltese - a website that is a testament to Maltese Nobility, whether in the past or the present, good or bad, right or wrong. Nobility in Malta is still regarded as taboo, and being a Republic there are still many people
who do not like to share this information with others and would love to see the day come when Nobility simply disappears. Many people do not believe that Malta could have such rich culture and history,
especially those idiots from Wikipedia who keep insulting our intelligence by declaring Malta's Nobility as non existant. And yet many Maltese Noble families are still of the old thinking and it is thanks to
their way of thinking that made this website possible. Therefore I have tried my best to be honest and fair, sometimes creating enemies along the way, but then again 'the truth hurts'.





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